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Eligibility Calculator

  • Eligibility Calculator

Am I eligible for Public Housing? If yes, what would be my estimated rent?

Households admitted into public housing must have a household income within HUD-established income limits. Below are the current Low Income Limits for the Detroit area:

HUD Low Income Limits (updated April 1, 2022).

NOTE:  Families can elect to pay a flat rent, which is based on the number of bedrooms.  Below is DHC's current flat rent schedule:

Estimated Monthly Income-Based Flat Rent

Bedroom size 0BR 1BR 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR 5 BR 6 BR
Flat Rent 619 686 829 986 1017 1130 1277

NOTE: This information is only an estimate of possible eligibility and rent. Families admitted to DHC's Low Income Public Housing Program must first apply for housing and subsequently meet both eligibility and suitability criteria before an offer of housing is made. Information provided by families must be verified by DHC. This estimate is not a guarantee of income eligibility, should not be considered an offer of housing by DHC, whether implied or expressed, nor does it obligate the DHC in any manner to offer housing to your family.