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Resident Services Program

  • Resident Services

Resident Services Families

  • Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS): Designing a pathway to promote economic self-sufficiency, homeownership, and better employment and education opportunities for DHC Public housing families. 
  • Resident Opportunity Self-Sufficiency (ROSS): Provides supportive services under the provision of a Service Coordinator for the coordination of supportive services and other activities designed to help DHC Public housing residents attain economic and housing self-sufficiency in the categories of employment, job training, education, homeownership, youth programs, financial, and health services. If you live at the following locations you have the opportunity to enroll and take advantage of this wonderful program.
  • Community and Support Service Program (CSSP): Addressing the needs and assets of affected HOPE VI communities; Woodbridge Estates, Gardenview Estates, and Cornerstone Estates. Providing support to affected residents to become economically self-sufficiency and to qualify for homeownership opportunities.
  • Section 3: To ensure that employment and other economic opportunities generated by certain HUD financial assistance shall, to the greatest extent feasible.
  • Home Finder: Assist in finding DHC resident participants to locate hard to find properties.
  • ConnectHome: To bridge the digital divide between families, high-speed internet, and computer devices.
  • EnVision Center: To empower DHC residents to lead self-sufficient lives through onsite programming activities and resources.


For more information or to register please call (313) 877-8772 or